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Parents Anonymous ®

As the Accredited Parents Anonymous® of Washington, DC, we operate the Parents Anonymous® Program that is an evidence-based family strengthening program for any family seeking help and support or is involved in child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, early childhood, schools, domestic violence, health care and justice systems given the issues faced by themselves and their children and youth ( Parents Anonymous® is a trauma informed practice utilizing mutual support (the giving and getting of help), parent leadership (seeking solutions and becoming empowered), and shared leadership® (working together) to achieve personal growth that improves protective factors, increases family functioning and mitigate and prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences by improving health and mental health well-being of Parents/Caregivers and their Children & Youth. National Outcome Data is collected annually measuring the change in Parents Anonymous® Parents/Caregivers, Children and Youth. We utilize a National Database, Fidelity Tools, and have Certified Staff to operate Parents Anonymous® Programs. Parents Anonymous® is both an intervention and prevention program where parents and their children and youth are empowered to create positive and long-term change for their families ( The Parents Anonymous® Program consists of a weekly support group for Parents and Caregivers and a separate group for their Children and Youth (0-18), Parent Partners/Advocates/Mentors, Supportive and Helpline Services provided by the Trained Group Facilitators, Parent Group Leaders and Other Parents Leaders in between Group Meetings. There is a Trained Group Facilitator and Parent Group Leader in every Parents Anonymous® Adult Group fostering emotional support amongst all participants to improve protective factors, reduce risk, and ensure family stability. Furthermore, there are Trained Children & Youth Group Facilitators who deliver a structured program to enhance self-esteem, build resilience, protective factors, and ensure the social and emotional development and well-being of children and youth ages 0-18 who may have mental health or other challenges.

Parents Anonymous® Inc. is inviting public and private partners to join with us in co-sponsoring the National Parent Leadership Month℠ in February every year. This major initiative will include a series of national, state, and local activities to recognize, honor, and celebrate parents for their leadership roles in their homes and communities. National Parent Leadership Month℠ will highlight the many opportunities available for parents, staff, policymakers and other community members to engage in partnerships with the goal of building and supporting strong, safe families.

Parents Anonymous® created an incredible network called the Parent Leadership Network , which is an online Facebook group for parents (and anyone in a parenting role) around the world to connect with each other, and with staff, to share their leadership skills, opportunities, questions, ideas, and more! Parents, grandparents, foster parents, kinship caregivers, anyone in a parenting role, and staff, take action on behalf of their diverse family, children, and communities. Please join today! If you would like more information on a group near you please contact Samuel Tramel at (202) 299-0900 ext. 24.

"Parents Anonymous is a great organization to partner up with!"

~ Tonya Logan, Founder and CEO of Kayla's Village

Parent Testimonial

"Parents and children have a safe environment to come to on a weekly basis. At the same time, we are learning to raise our children better for generations to come. When one parent has a concern, we listen and support each other. There's a National Parent Hotline number that we can call. My future is looking better because I love the program and I love myself more. This is the way every parent wants to feel . . . Loved, safe, hopeful."

~ Zenkita Boston

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