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What is DCCTF?

D.C. Children’s Trust Fund (DCCTF) is a public/private partnership established in 1993 through legislation passed by the District of Columbia City Council and authorized by the Mayor. The legislation created a nonprofit organization designed to stimulate innovative programs to prevent child abuse and neglect. The mission of the D.C. Children’s Trust Fund is to foster the well-being of the District’s children and their families by leading the way toward the prevention of child abuse and neglect. DCCTF serves as a catalyst for prevention efforts by leveraging private and governmental resources to provide support and technical assistance to community-based organizations, schools, and churches to strengthen families and thereby reduce the risk of child abuse. For support and empowerment, call the National Parent Helpline®: 1-855-4A-PARENT (1-855-427-2796).

DCCTF is the accredited Parents Anonymous® site in Washington, DC. Parents Anonymous, Inc.® is a National Organization that promotes mutual support and parent leadership in order to build and support strong, safe families. Click here to view current parent support groups and children & youth groups.

Evidence-based Parents Anonymous® Programs include a weekly support group for Adults and other Caregivers and a specialized Children & Youth Group established on the principles of mutual support, personal growth, parent leadership and shared leadership® that reduces risk, increases protective factors, and improves outcomes to strengthen families.

Latest News

This April in America, we take an annual observance to raise awareness of childhood abuse around the country and also — a promise to prevent it. Whether we’re donating our time as an advocate or sharing our ideas with those around us, we can all play pivotal roles in doing something that enhances the lives of children everywhere.

Healthy childhood development means a successful and engaged community. It means children who don’t have to be familiar with the devastating aspects of life like abuse and neglect — the things that potentially prevent them from developing into happy adults worthy of thriving.

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